Most of the information about 1960s-era fuzz boxes on this website comes from anecdotes, press cuttings & advertisements, and from historical photos. However, when it comes to examining circuits and verifying production dates of specific pedals, the principal source material is often pedals themselves.

I have an ever-growing collection of original fuzz boxes from the 1960s, but this pales in comparison to the database of photos of surviving pedals belonging to other people that I have catalogued over the course of more than a decade.

If any readers also happen to have any 1960s-era fuzz pedals, then any photo contributions towards this research would be greatly appreciated. I gladly provide insight about fuzz boxes that are submitted. This includes technical & historical information about the model in question, and even a rough valuation, upon request.

Photos can be submitted via the uploader below. Alternatively, anyone may contact me through the general enquiries form or my social media page.

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