After more than a decade, my own collection of early fuzz boxes (and photos of other people’s fuzz boxes) is pretty extensive. However, as long as there are still new discoveries being unearthed, there is simply no such thing as a ‘complete’ collection of pedals. I would be delighted to hear from anybody who owns any of the following models (and who just might even be daft enough to sell them!)

I also greatly welcome any information and/or photos of pedals from former owners of any of these, as well as any material relating to 1960s fuzz boxes other than those featured on this website.

  • G. P. Electronics Harmonic Generator
    At present, there are no known surviving examples of the Harmonic Generator. Photos and information about this pedal would be particularly fascinating.

  • (Rangemaster) Fuzzbug
    Only a handful of these are known to have survived, and the pedals in that small sample are all slightly different.
    Some Fuzzbugs are also rumoured to exist without any formal company branding at all, and there may have been fuzz boxes that were housed in the same enclosure, but printed with completely different brand & model names.

  • Early Tone Bender fuzz boxes
    I have yet to see two first generation Tone Benders that are exactly alike. Photos and information about further extant ‘MKI’ pedals could provide great insight into the development of this famous model.

  • [speculative] Selmer Tone Bender
    Early Tone Benders were reportedly also sold at the Selmer shop on Charing Cross Road, and may have been made with the company’s branding.
    There is also rumoured to be a version of the Italian-built Tone Bender that was branded for Selmer.

  • Kelly Fuzz Box

  • Sperrin Fuzz Box

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