1969 Park Fuzz Sound

‘Park’ was a brand that was launched by Marshall during the mid-1960s, and along with a range of amplifiers, Park also sold its own fuzz box. In the same way that Marshall was initially supplied with fuzz boxes by Sola Sound, the Park Fuzz Sound was also a rebranded Sola Sound product.

Production of the Fuzz Sound was ramped up approximately in 1969, when the Fuzz Sound was developed in the same type of enclosure as Sola Sound were already using for the Vox Tone Bender MKIII. This version of the Park Fuzz Sound also featured identical electronics to the MKIII, with a circuit topology that was originally used in the Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround.

Early-1970s Park Fuzz Sound
By the early 1970s, the Park Fuzz Sound was being manufactured in the same type of enclosure & electronics that Sola Sound were using for the Tone Bender MKIV. (Photo credit: S. Castledine)
Two Park Fuzz Sound pedals
Some of the early Park Fuzz Sound ‘MKIII’ units were built with only two knobs. The amount of fuzz on these two-knob Park Fuzz Sounds was actually fixed at maximum, and the second control knob was a mislabelled ‘tone’ control. Pictured is such an example, along with a 1970s Fuzz Sound, for reference. (Photo credit: J. Roth/Jermsfuzz)

The period in which the known surviving Park Fuzz Sounds were built spans from approximately 1969 to the mid-1970s, but the exact year that the Park Fuzz Sound was first released is currently unknown, as there may still be earlier versions that have yet to resurface.

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  1. I saw a photo of the two-knob Park on Effects Database and wondered what circuit was inside. It bothered me for a few days then I remembered this site! Thanks for sharing all your fuzz knowledge.

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