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Selmer Buzz Tone

Selmer is a household name among brass and woodwind musicians, but for a brief period, the organisation’s branch in the UK offered equipment to electric […]

Rotosound Fuzz Box

Rotosound, well known for its guitar & bass strings, sold a variety of different fuzz boxes during the period spanning from approximately the mid-1960s, through […]

Kelly Amplification Fuzz Box

John Kelly (Sr) was an employee at Selmer’s Service & Repair Department during the early 1960s. At some point, likely during the mid 1960s, John […]

John Hornby Skewes Shatterbox

The Shatterbox was an early ‘multi-effects’ fuzz box that combined the Hornby Skewes Treble Booster with the Zonk II. Featuring two foot switches, the Shatterbox […]

Sola Sound Tone Bender ‘MK1.5’

History The odd model designation for the ‘MK1.5’ refers to the way that this model sits, chronologically, in between the first version of the Tone […]

Carlsbro Fuzz-Tone

Carlsbro was a British guitar amplifier manufacturer, founded by Stuart & Sheila Mercer in Nottingham, in 1959. Carlsbro was formally registered as a company on […]

Marshall SupaFuzz

History 1966: “SupaFuzz MKI” circuit 1966-1968: Tone Bender MKII circuit 1968-c. 1973: Marshall’s version History Marshall was one of a handful of companies with whom […]

John Hornby Skewes Zonk Machine

Zonk Machine fuzz boxes were manufactured during the mid-to-late 1960s by (or for) John Hornby Skewes’ now-famous musical instruments retail company in Leeds. The exact […]

Exel Shatterbox

The Exel Shatterbox (not to be confused with the John Hornby Skewes Shatterbox) was a compact fuzz box built from the late 1960s into the […]

WEM Project V

WEM was one of the first major companies in the UK to offer commercial fuzz boxes, and based on the number of surviving examples (and […]

Arbiter Fuzz Face

The famous Arbiter (later, Dallas-Arbiter) Fuzz Face was originally developed by J & I Arbiter Ltd., and was presented in August 1966 at the British […]

Sola Sound Tone Bender MKIV

Sola Sound released the Tone Bender MKIV, approximately during the year of 1970, during which the model was regularly advertised in Beat Instrumental & Melody […]

Baldwin-Burns Buzzaround

The Buzzaround was developed by Jim Burns’ guitar company in the mid-1960s, and manufactured in relatively small numbers over the course of several years. Burns’ […]

G. P. Electronics Harmonic Generator

G. P. Electronics was a company in Bovey Tracey, Devon, created by inventor Gerry Pope. G. P. manufactured guitar amplifiers and PA units during the […]

Vox Distortion Booster

These small, rectangular units were designed as attachments to an amplifier, rather than as stompboxes. The Distortion Booster was originally designed in the UK, and […]

Sola Sound Tone Bender Professional MKII

The Tone Bender MKII was a three-transistor fuzz circuit that was introduced by Sola Sound in 1966. The circuit closely resembles the earlier two-transistor Tone […]

WEM Rush Pep Box

History Different versions Germanium transistors (black) Germanium transistors (silver) Silicon transistors Notable users History During the 1960s, Pepe Rush ran a recording studio on Berwick […]

Park Fuzz Sound

‘Park’ was a brand that was launched by Marshall during the mid-1960s, and along with a range of amplifiers, Park also sold its own fuzz […]

Sperrin Fuzz Box

This model was built by ‘D. Sperrin’, but little more is known about it. The Sperrin Fuzz Box was advertised various times during 1966, and […]

Vox Tone Bender MKIII

When it was introduced in 1968, the Tone Bender MKIII was the latest incarnation of the series of Tone Benders that Sola Sound had been […]

John Hornby Skewes Zonk II

The Zonk II was a fuzz box that Hornby Skewes offered alongside the ZZ.1 ‘Zonk Machine’ during the period of approximately 1967 through to the […]

Vox Tone Bender Professional MKII

One of the most well-known versions of the Sola Sound Tone Bender MKII is the one that was supplied, by Sola Sound (via Macari’s Musical […]

Gary Hurst Tone Bender ‘MKI’

History Notable users Significant surviving pedals History The earliest known version of the famous Tone Bender fuzz boxes was built with a three-transistor circuit, inspired […]

Rangemaster Fuzzbug

One of the lesser-known British Invasion-era fuzz boxes was the one that Sola Sound supplied to Dallas Music. Dallas sold a range of amplifiers and […]

Jennings Fuzz

Jennings Electronic Developments (JED) was formed by Tom Jennings, following his dismissal from Jennings Musical Industries (Vox) in 1967. The vast majority of the historical […]